Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board Rulemaking Docket

Current rule projects

Possible Amendment to and Repeal of Rules Governing Campaign Finance Regulation and Reporting; Independent Expenditures; Economic Interest Disclosure; Lobbying, Gift Ban Provisions; and Audits and Investigations; and Possible Technical and Clarifying Updates to Rules Administered by the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board; Minnesota Rules, chapters 4501 through 4525; Revisor's ID Numbers R-04450 and R-04451

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board is considering rule amendments and repeals that 1) clarify conduct, actions, and relationships that prevent an expenditure from being independent and related topics; 2) clarify which expenditures qualify as noncampaign disbursements and related topics; 3) clarify the disclaimer requirements and exemptions for statements of attribution on independent expenditures and campaign material; 4) allow staff review investigations to be resolved more quickly through the use of findings, conclusions, and orders; 5) clarify how to report reimbursements and the purpose of expenditures; 6) clarify when contributions made electronically are received; 7) specify the deadlines for actions necessary to qualify for public subsidy payments in a special election called under Minnesota Statutes section 204B.13; 8) revisit the definition of securities for economic interest statements to ensure that it is not overbroad; and 9) bring existing rules into conformance with statutory changes made since the Board's last rulemaking. As resources permit, the Board also will consider potential rule topics outside of this list submitted by members of the public.

How to submit comments

Interested persons or groups may submit comments or information on these possible rules in writing until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3, 2017. Written comments, questions, requests to receive a draft of the rules when it has been prepared, and requests for more information on these possible rules should be directed to: Jodi Pope at Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, 190 Centennial Office Building, 658 Cedar Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55155; (651) 539-1183; fax (651) 539-1196 or (800) 357-4114; or submit written comments via the Office of Administrative Hearings Rulemaking e-comments website at (discussion opens December 5, 2016).

Rule committee meetings

The Board has appointed a rule committee to develop the proposed rule language. The committee's next meeting will be held on March 16, 2017, at 10 a.m.

The meeting will be held at:

Nokomis Room
Third floor, Centennial Office Building
658 Cedar St
St. Paul, MN 55155

All meetings are open to the public. Please contact Jodi Pope at or 651-539-1183. if you would like to address the Board at the meeting.

Written comments also can be submitted for the committee meeting by email to; by fax to 651-539-1180 or toll free to 800-657-3889; or by U.S. mail to Jodi Pope, Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, 190 Centennial Office Building, 658 Cedar St., St. Paul, MN 55155

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Completed Projects - Adopted rules regarding audits and investigation procedures

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Comments and questions

If you have comment or questions about the rulemaking process in general or this proceeding in particular, please contact Jodi Pope at or 651-539-1183.